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Ceremony Mind and Body Connection
Ceremony Mind and Body Connection
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“I am so impressed with the Siam Seas line. I have VERY finicky, reactive, combination skin that is aging faster than I would like. This serum makes a visible difference in just DAYS, it leaves my normally dull skin glowing and clear. Cannot say enough good things about it, so glad I found this brand and will never go back to anything else. The quality of ingredients, and hand made touch make it worth the splurge.” - J.M.
“Love the Sai serum. On my second bottle now, I gifted one for my brother and ordered another one as backup… My ginormous acnes are significantly reduced. The ones on my neck have shrunk within days of use, I am impressed, those suckers normally linger on for weeks.” - Pratikshya
"Of all your amazing products, I am perhaps most deeply in love with Yen. I am someone who has always skipped toners, seeing them as superfluous and with little tangible benefits for my skin. My view has been turned upside down by Yen, which is undeniably is one of the most incredibly healing and hydrating products ever to grace my skin. I love it and treat my sample like the liquid gold it is. Yen Heal and Hydrate Toner is another brilliant, transformative product that will amaze those lucky enough to try it.” - Anne
“I had Siam SEAS BeCalm serum before I got this beauty box and I love it. I am 24 and have hormonal acne, large pores and oily skin. I usually stay away from "hydrating" products because my skin needs more balancing than hydrating, but WOW am I glad this was the full size product. It's my absolute favorite part of my nighttime routine. it smells delightful and makes you legitimately GLOW. I spray 2-3 pumps into my hand, rub around, then pat into my skin. Gosh dang, this stuff is good. Siam seas hasn't totally cleared my acne but it has DEFINITELY soothed it x100000. This will forever be a staple in my skincare routine just because of how luxurious and healing it is. 11/10 recommend.” - Courtney Y.
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