Sai Clear Skin Serum

Smoothing and brightening vitamin C treatment

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Sai Clear Skin Serum – 20 ml; 0.68 fl. oz.

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“Breathe deep and transport yourself to a temple of calm.”

Sai Clear Skin Serum receives its name from the visible result it provides. Powerful synergies of vitamin C and peptides combined with plant medicines and ceramide, Sai made a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity that will bring ultimate support for textural improvement, defuse brewing breakout, brighten and fasten the healing time of trauma.

Sai is a powerful source of vitamin C, great for brightening and tightening, recommended for all skin types.

Ways to play with Sai:

To increase hydration: Apply Sai right after Yen Heal and Hydrate essence toner or any of your favorite toner follow by a beauty balm or cream and finish with the Reservoir prebiotic beauty mist. For winter; Add an extra layer of twilight becalm serum before the balm/cream.

To treat inflammation:  brewing acne such as cystic acne: Mix one pump of Sai with the twilight becalm serum together in a palm and apply it together follow with the Reservoir prebiotic beauty mist.

To add a heathy glow on the skin:  Mix Sai with a little bit of seas element beauty balm in the palm of your hand, apply right after Yen Heal & Hydrate toner essence

Scent Experience: A unique combination of Cypress, Rose, Jasmine, Ylang ylang and Vanilla creates a zen-like sensory that will transport you to a sacred space — a temple in Thailand filled with incense, where you can find your inner peace.

Star Ingredients

Complete Ingredients List

Vitamin C Ester (Water Soluble)

Vitamin C Ester (Oil Soluble)

Milk Thistle

Vitamin C Ester (Water Soluble)

A more stable form of vitamin C, rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. Vitamin C Ester improves skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin C Ester (Oil Soluble)

The most stable, penetrable form of vitamin C to brighten and repair cells whilst acting as your first line of defense against UV damage and free radicals.

Milk Thistle

Brightens skin tone, fades post-acne scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Water (based for actives), Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (vitamin C ester to eliminate acne, brighten, boost collagen), MSM (natural sulfur to repair and protect skin barrier, reduce redness and acne), Aloe Gel (instantly hydrates, promotes wound healing) Rice Extract (antioxidant activity and elastase inhibitory effect), Turmeric Hydrosol(astringent, healing inflammation), Rose Hydrosol (softens fine lines, tones skin), Moth Bean (increases cell- turnover rates, brightens), Terminalia Chebula (potent sorce of plant vitamin C, fights bacteria), Lactobacillus Ferment & Lactobacillus & Coconut Fruit Extract (probiotic based preservative), Ceramides 3,6,9 (deeply repairs and protects skin barriers), Tetrapeptide-30 (synergistically firms and tones skin texture), Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (most skin-compatible vitamin C to brighten and firm), Clove Basil (strong antibacterial activity, potent acne  fighter), Raspberry Ketone Glucoside (lghtens hyperpigmentation and brightens complexion), Black Raspberry Oil (decreases inflammation and oxidative damage in cells), Milk Thistle Extract (brightens, evens skin tone, fades scarring and hyperpigmentation), Isoamyl Laureate & Isoamyl Cocoate (Plant based, fast absorbing emollient to soften the skin without heavy weight), Propanedial (plant based solvent, emollient, dissolve actives and moisturizes skin), Prebiotic (strengthens skin barrier, lessens sensitivity), Green Tea Extract (antioxidant, promotes graceful aging), Wintergreen Extract (natural salicylic acid to exfoliate the inner lining of pores, controls acne, boost preservatives) Vitamin E acetate (protects against oxidation both in the skin and within the formula), Bakuchiol (increases cell turnover rates, similar to retinol), Hyaluronic acid (draws moisture to skin to hydrate), Ferulic Acid (brightens darks pot), Andrographis Paniculata Extract (improves hydration, dermal density and toning), Galla Chinensis Extract (anti-fungal, improve healing of scars), Arjuna Extract (reduces scaliness, imporves hydration and elasticity), Indian Sarsaparilla Extract (anti-inflammatory, soothes psoriasis), Siamese Neem Extract (fights acne, antibacterial, protects against UV damages), Barberry Extract (balances oil production, tones and helps fight acne), Amur Cork Tree Extract (alleviates eczema, redness and sensitivity), Boswellia Extract (calms active inflammation, heals wound, potent for active cystic acne), Babchi Extract (evens skin tone, increases cell-turnover), Skullcap Baikal (relieves allergies, fights free radical, strong antibacterial), Ashwagandha Extract, False Daisy Extract (soothes sensitivity), Black Pepper Extract (stimulates circulation, enhances permeability of other actives), Nutmeg Extract (brightens dull skin, fights infections and heals acne), Red Peony Extract (protects against photo-damaging and anti-inflammatory), Licorice Extract (soothes irritation, brightens skin), Terminalia Berilica Extract (antiseptic, anti-irritation), Amla Extract (brightens, supports natural collagen production), Cape Jasmine Extract (accelerates wound repairing process), Coptis Extract (improves skin sagging, sensitivity, protects against UV damages), Angelica Extract (accelerates wound healing and lightens hyperpigmentation), Plumbago Extract (antibacterial, relieves inflammation and pain), Usnea Extract (anti-septic, accelerate wound healing), Wild Indigo Extract (effective intreating psoriasis), Rhubarb Extract (supports cell repairing process, reduces UV damages), Mangosteen Extract (strong antibacterial and antioxidant, a perfect combo for acne healing), Xanthan Gum (holds the oil and water actives together, hydrating), Ylang Ylang Extra Oil (stimulates circulation, balances oil production), Wild Orange Oil (uplift the mood, brightens the sin tone), Weeping Cypress Oil (astringent, tightens and tones the skin, promotes calmness within the mind), Vanilla Bourbon CO2 Extract (moisturizing with aphrodisiac effect to the mind), Rose Moroc Absolute (reduces the dullness, tightens and tones the skin while uplifting the mood).




While skin is still wet (from Yen Heal & Hydrate Toner or water), shake and pump 1-2 pumps of Sai Serum onto a palm of your hand.


Activate the formula by rubbing the palms together and cup over your nose to stimulate your senses.


Gently press the serum into face and neck using an outward and upward, lifting motion.


Gently follow the technique shown here to stimulate circulation, bringing oxygen to the surface to ensure maximum absorption of the steps to follow.

Complete your ritual and follow with Yen Heal & Hydrate Essence Toner

We recommend using the Push and Press Technique when using the Sai Clear Skin Serum

Love Story

Growing up with a darker skin tone, I could tolerate the sun without getting burned, so sunscreen became nothing but an inconvenience. Moving into my 40’s, I began to see the sun’s accumulative damage, and finally grew to a full understanding of how a regular application of a well-formulated vitamin C treatment, in combination with consistent sunscreen protection, could work absolute magic on my skin. Thus began the Sai Clear Skin (Vitamin C) Serum formulation. The main goal was always versatility – I knew I wanted to create something more than just a stable vitamin C serum. As tough an expectation as it seemed, the Sai vision was not merely a serum that holds hydration within the skin, but one that additionally improves skin texture, combats acne, and expedites the skin’s natural healing processes while reversing the hyper-pigmentation that occurs after inflammation. After a two-year deep dive into research and testing – ancient Thai botanical knowledge was combined with powerful modern technologies resulting in the birth of Sai Clear Skin Serum. The formula contains more than 50 active ingredients which are connected like a linked chain – each one working to support and enhance the
others’ healing abilities. By exploiting the synergies of plant-based actives with multiple stable vitamin C esters and peptides, all expectations have been exceeded and the results are more than ever hoped for. I can’t wait for you to feel Sai Clear Skin Serum’s groundbreaking ability to repair, protect, and transform the health and beauty of your skin.

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What our customers say...

17 reviews
17 reviews for Sai Clear Skin Serum
  1. Sinziana

    “Just wanted to tell you that the Sai is a life changer. I’ve already been such a die hard convert to the Morning Delight and Yen Heal & Hydrate but Sai has started clearing up these dark spots of my face I COULD NOT get rid of no matter what I tried. Thank you! This is now a forever product, will be ordering again soon.” – Tafv

  2. Sinziana

    “I loved the smoky smell of this serum. It worked well fixing my face after hormonal acne flare up. Highly recommend.” – Diana

  3. Sinziana

    “Love the Sai serum. On my second bottle now, I gifted one for my brother and ordered another one as backup… My ginormous acnes are significantly reduced. The ones on my neck have shrunk within days of use, I am impressed, those suckers normally linger on for weeks.” – Pratikshya

  4. Sinziana

    “It clears pimples almost overnight, and I do see a visible difference in the brightness and texture of my skin when I use it. I will get this again! I’ve just been so impressed by the performance of everything I’ve tried from this South East Asian-inspired line.” – Arjun

  5. Sinziana

    “It’s a beautiful product! I’m noticing pigmentation on my nose is brightening up after using this consistently in the morning for over a month now. This has become my favorite Vitamin C serum.” – Ashley

  6. Sinziana

    “I’m so in love with Sai. I think my hyper-pigmentations are less visible now, and the matte skin after every application leaves me glowy. I really love the scent too.” – Ying

  7. Sinziana

    The results are so impressive, I’ve already bought a backup because I never want to be without it, and I NEVER do that, always on to trying something else.” – Erin

  8. Sinziana

    “It does wonders for my skin. Temples in Thailand must smell like temples in India, this reminds me of temples too. Gorgeous serum, worked wonders for acne prone skin, healed and brightened skin.” – Payal

  9. Sinziana

    “Just got another after my Boxwalla one went kaput. Love it so much. My skin has been super clear since I started using it. Holy grail status.” – Sarah

  10. Sinziana

    “Smells awesome like pure vanilla extract and have had zero reactions or sensitivity so far. My skin is so clear and smooth when I wake up after using Sai the night before! It’s amazing.” – Mercy

  11. Sinziana

    “I’m loving Sai so much! It’s such a great feeling to discover new textures that take us out of our comfort zone.” – Ru Voy

  12. Sinziana

    “I reach for Sai whenever I have a blemish. It helps destroy bacteria and heal the area within days!!” – Floriana

  13. Sinziana

    “Been using Sai day and night for last two weeks and it really has helped with the inflammation and texture of my skin.” – Sorn

  14. Sinziana

    “Sai clearing serum is in a league of its own… I saw a couple of new painful pimples appearing near my jaw line. So I put Sai serum to test. The first night I applied Sai, the pimples came to a head the subsequent day. The day after, the size of the pimple shrunk and they weren’t painful anymore. I was simply amazed. Sai has been so effective in healing the active pimples. And even though my skin isn’t entirely clear right now (pimple and some old acne scars), I have noticed it has been looking clearer and brighter.” – Shobhita

  15. Sinziana

    “As you know, acne is a tricky beast, so I can’t say enough what a difference your products have made for me! Seriously, before Sai I used to look like a Dalmation dog because I am super pale and my skin heals very slowly, so I would have very noticeable dots from acne scars all over the face.” – Neige

  16. Sinziana

    “Hi!! I just wanted to let you know that I had to reorder the Sai serum at full price because my face has not been the same since! I had difficulty using the product at first and my first impression was ‘meh’ but it quickly became a staple! And I never would’ve found it if it wasn’t for your box!!! I wish I wasn’t paying full price but it’s worth it. Thank you for quality products ALWAYS.” – Boxwalla Customer

  17. Sinziana

    “Sai has a unique texture compared to any other serum I’ve used. It feels quite thick, clumpy & grainy when pumped out of the bottle, but after warming it up in the palm of my hands, I am able to press it into my skin where it absorbs almost immediately. The grainy texture is due to Gypsum which is an ingredient known for it healing properties. In Sai, it functions to reduce inflammation. Once applied, I no longer feel the powderiness & instead my skin feels like it has a protective layer. I do find this makes my skin look more brightened & even toned, with the breakouts on my forehead (my problem area) calmer & with consistent use, reduced.” – Sam