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Best Natural Hair Care Brand

The Shine Booster Shampoo and Treatment
“Siam SEAS’ coconut shampoo and hair treatment [The Shine Booster] combines cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, a distillation of coconut fatty acids, and B vitamins to cleanse, smooth and moisturize in the gentlest way possible. Plus, unlike the stuff straight from your pantry, the shampoo works into a satisfying foamy lather and the conditioner feels more like a cream lotion, not like a greasy slick.”

The Skin Perfecting Step

Twilight BeCalm Skin Serum
“Serum is applied after essence and is known as ‘ampoule’ in Korea. It is highly concentrated and is the skin perfecting step. In this skincare regimen, your choice of serum is based on your key concerns, whether it be congested pores, lack of brightness or fine lines. A luxurious choice for cell regeneration and brightening is Siam SEAS Twilight BeCalm.”

Alyaka The Art of Beauty

Interview With The Founder
“At a point when too many beauty products are using toxic chemicals, it’s a great opportunity to know the insights of Supadra Geronimo, the woman behind a brand that reintroduces natural and time-honoured ingredients to the new generation.”

Products That Will Make You Forget It Is Cold Outside

Rice and White Tea Body Butter
“Whipped lightly like a soufflé, but thick enough to pack a moisture punch, this body butter is made entirely by hand in Thailand. Based on the ancient history of self-care rituals of its founder’s ancestors, Siam SEAS is designed to nurture your body and soul. Siam SEAS uses only the most natural and organic herbs and ingredients from Southeast Asia, and the smell of this yummy butter will remind you of warm breezes and summery, coconut-infused gardenia. The naturally extracted collagen in this cream makes skin stronger and more flexible, which helps it to appear youthful. Warning: using it is going to make you want to travel to Thailand…”