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The first step to healthy skin is to release congestion.

Mindful practice

Make this a sacred ritual, make space for yourself, eliminate self judgement and congestion. Who you are is more than skin-deep


The daily practice of this massage will build a glowing foundation of skin health by stimulating and draining your lymphatic system while decreasing congestion.
The Drainage massage technique utilizes a gentle touch, light pressure and fluid motion to clear a drainage pathway. To do this, focus on massaging behind your ears, to the sides of your neck, collarbones, jawline, under eyes and hairline along your cheeks and temples.
I recommend performing this massage during the oil cleansing step using Morning Delight Cleanser. This is a perfect way to thoroughly cleanse while stimulating the blood flow and draining toxins thereby preventing congestion and stagnation.
Once you feel comfortable with the movements within each massage phase, try completing each phase in a fluid motion to ensure thorough drainage.


With your 3 fingers of both hands, gently bring it down along the sides of your neck, down to your collarbones. Repeat this movement 5 or more times.


Slightly tilt your chin upward. With 3 fingers of both hands, start underneath your jawline and gently drag fingers downward to collarbones. Repeat this movement 5 or more times.


Place thumbs under the chin. Curl and place the sides of index fingers in front of the chin as if you are pinching it. Slide thumbs toward the bottom of your earlobes.

Repeat this movement 3 - 5 times.


Place 3 fingers on the front of your chin. Slide them gently working upward and outward toward the bottom of your cheeks and jawlines.

Repeat this movement 3 - 5 times.


Start at the front of your chin and move upward around the mouth and lips to underneath your nose

Repeat this movement 3 - 5 times.

*The is the step to also massage your lips to remove lipstick. Morning Delight Cleanser will even remove the water proof matte lipstick.


Reposition your hands at the front of the chin, move upward along the laugh lines.

Then slide outward along the underneath your cheekbones removing blush or contour makeup.

Repeat this movement 3- 5 times.


Place your middle and ring fingers, between your eye brows. Gently drag fingers downward along the bridge of your nose, pass the sinus passage to the cheek bones and the side of your ears.

This movement helps drain sinus congestion. Repeat this movement 5 or more times.


With your eyes closed, use middle and ring fingers to lightly brush from the top eyelids down along the eyelashes.

Then open your eyes and run your fingers along bottom edge of your eye and eyelashes.

Repeat this movements a few times if you wear thick makeup to thoroughly clean.

Repeat this movement 5 times or until the eye makeup is removed.

* This technique will promote drainage while simultaneously removing any eye makeup. This movement will thoroughly remove eyeshadow and mascara, even the toughest waterproof ones.


Starting at the side of the bridge of the nose, gently drag the middle and ring fingers past the under the eye area all the way to the temple area.

Then put the fingers between your eyebrows and drag fingers along the brows and back to the temple area. Circle the bottom of the eyes and bring it around the brow bone in a circular motion. Repeat this movement 3 or more times.

This movement will help depuff under the eyes and destress your frown lines while removing eyebrow makeup.


Start at the side of your nose, gently drag the pads of your fingers upward toward the center of your forehead.

Spread hands horizontally and drag along from mid forehead to temples.

Rotate hands vertically and move along your hairline framing your face. Bring it down along the sides of your neck, down to your collarbones.

Repeat this movement 5 or more times.

Products we recommend using this massage technique

1. In small circular motions, gently apply Morning Delight to the face and neck and saturate your dry skin. Morning Delight Cleanser creates a great slip for massage and complete removal of thick makeup.

2. All massage phases listed can be applied using Morning Delight, however phase 5 is intended solely for Morning Delight as it is a superior yet gentle makeup remover.

1 .Dampen your fingertips and begin to massage MEKHA onto dry skin in a small circular motion.

2. For deeper manual exfoliation, follow the massage pattern while moving your hands in a circular motion. Skip the eye massage.

Mindful drainage massage love story

One of the things we’ve lost with all the luxuries of modernity is the opportunity to slow down. In today’s fast past environment, we can miss out on the benefits that come with creating a still space to reconnect – to heal and process. Absent this connection intimacy with one’s self and eventually relationships with others suffer.

The drainage massage has become a meditative practice I hold to maintain a meaningful relationship with my skin, a practice through which you can gently guide yourself away from the outside world and find a path back to yourself. Lean in and listen to what you need to feel good as you turn your attention to your inner being.

This is a safe space to gather your heart and mind and have them develop the habits that encourage the well-being of your body and soul. This is how you were born and who you are. You deserve to feel good and be loved. It is your birthright.