Who you are and where you're from is your truth to share with the world


Culture and Influence

It is our purpose to take you on a journey to Southeast Asia — experience ancient traditions and discover the mystery and beauty of my heritage.
Through Siam SEAS, we share our ancestors ways of effective healing. Every bottle is infused with culture — a scent and texture that will transport you to my home.
Southeast Asian folk medicine is vastly influenced by the well-respected Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, blended with our own ancient wisdom. Time-honored recipes passed down for generations, influenced by exotic, indigenous plants, oils and extracts that are grown delicately.
We invite you to experience these cherished recipes proven to heal, created to uplift and designed to empower.


The essence of our healing method is through the internal connection of the mind and body. The importance of a clear, positive mind often influences our physical outlook, which has long been practiced in our beauty culture.
We provide you with the power to transform a mindless routine into a mindful ritual that will fuel your energy and shift your vision of physical beauty.
You have the ability to heal your skin if you start with healing your mind — let go of the day, reset your energy and ignite the fire within you.

Total Package

We are a company that supports beauty and wellness. We are here to share healing rituals that connect you to your values and who you are.
Our mission is to shift your mindset through skincare and daily practices reserved just for you. Creating a sacred space can in fact change the way you see yourself and allow you to see true beauty staring back at you.