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Art of giving

“There are two faces to every gift: the delighted face of the recipient who has indulged, and the joyful face of the giver whose heart has been warmed. To me, both are priceless.”

- Supadra Geronimo,


In a quaint village in Northern Thailand, the sun is rising, peering over the mountain tops in the distance as the Srirada villagers begin their day. It is a simpler life than most, but this small village is dedicated to their work and fulfilled with the lives they’ve built.

There is a moving story to be told about the creators of our custom gift boxes. Each box is carefully handcrafted by the women of the Srirada village whom have been rescued from the darkness of human trafficking. Some of these women fell victim to human trafficking at a very young age and a lack of education makes it extremely difficult to move forward with life after rescue. Srirada is an organization that teaches rescued women artisan skills for manufacturing jobs and provides them an opportunity to earn a honest living.

We, as a small organic brand, are focused on the uplifting, well-being aspects of life, which is why we support the Srirada women, teaching them sustainable manufacturing of handcrafted goods. We wholeheartedly believe the ultimate gift is to provide opportunity, so the women of Srirada can build a life they want and are proud of.

When you choose a Siam SEAS gift box, not only are you making your loved ones smile — you’re also gifting the Srirada villagers with a fair trade, sustainable income that rewards their unparalleled talent and supports their natural way of life. Please know there is a smile of gratitude coming from the Far East from women who appreciate your support.

This opportunity allows us to provide a direct impact on individual lives while staying true to our ethics-based values. Together, we can support and inspire one another while celebrating our individuality.

Please enjoy complimentary gift box for all orders of $250 or more. For all other orders, you may add on a gift box for just $12. Every gift box includes a personal handwritten note, stamped with a golden wax seal and tied with satin ribbon for a perfectly luxurious finishing touch.

The “Make It Special section” is there for you if you would like to share a special story to go with your gift or a personalized note to the recipient, or you can email us directly at We always want to see if there’s a way we can make the gift-giving experience even more memorable.

If you would like guidance on putting together an intimate gift box for someone you love, please email us directly at Collectively, we will customize the most perfect self care ritual for your loved one.

* These gift boxes can be reused as shoe box or as a keepsake to store personal items, such as photos and souvenirs.

“Luxury is a sensory experience, a state of mind, and a choice you make to reward yourself".

- Supadra Geronimo,