Learn to love the skin you're in.


This is the space in which to dive a little deeper into who you are and embrace all that is you.
Selfcare goes more than skin deep. It requires letting go of the noise and tuning in to listen to what your body needs to feed your soul. Only when we are one with ourselves, will our life flow with ease. The care we give to ourselves then fills us and over and enables us to care for others.
So breathe in and take this time to move into the rhythm of your body and mind.


Daily practice of this massage will stimulate collagen production, accentuating your natural bone structure and provide you with an overall lifted appearance.
Unlike the drainage massage, the facelift massage uses more pressure to reach deeper layers under the surface of your skin, releasing muscles tightness and sculpting to accentuate your natural bone structure. The result is stimulated collagen within the skin, the softening of aging lines, and better tone and tightness enhancing the appearance of your skin.
We recommend using a product that has good spreadability but not too slippery as you want to have a bit of a grip on the skin surface to create a grab.
During this massage, your skin may appear pink or flushed — this is due to increased circulation and stimulation. The pressure used on the skin should not cause any pain or irritation.


Place both thumbs underneath the chin, with medium pressure pressing against the underneath of the chin, slowly sliding the thumbs along the jawline until reached behind the ears.

Repeat 3-5 times.


Place the cushion of your palms (base of your thumbs) on the front of your chin and press with medium pressure slowly pressing and sliding outward and upward along your jawlines and lower cheeks up to the bottom of your ears.

- Repeat this 3 - 5 times.


Place the cushion of your palms (right below your thumbs) on the jaw line in alignment with your laugh lines

With medium pressure bring your palm up and pause just above the corners of your lips, hold for a second.

Open the palms up to align right under the beginning of your cheekbones and with medium pressure slide the palms outward, in an angle along and under your cheekbones until you reach the ears.

This movement help sculpt your cheekbones. Repeat this movement 5-7 times.


Place three tallest fingers in the middle of the bottom of the chin, with medium pressure slowly drag your fingers around to the corners of the mouth and above the lips and hold the pressure for 2 seconds.

Repeat this movement 5 times. This movement will help release tight muscle around the laugh line.


Repeat the previous step, without pausing over the lips, continue to move the fingers with medium pressure over the beginning crease of nasolabial fold to release tension in the muscle and lift the crease.

Repeat this 3-5 times.


With one hand, hold the side of your nose gently.

Use three tallest fingers from the opposite hand. Place them at the jaw line in alignment with your laugh line. Slowly slide the hand upward over the line, to the side of the nose until reaching the beginning of the cheekbone.

Once the hand reaches the cheekbone, rotate the hand horizontally and slide the hand outward over your cheekbone until you reach the ear.

Repeat this movement 5 times on each side.


Make a zero on both hands with your thumbs and fingers, then flip your hands on the opposite side. Now your pinky should be facing you.

Cup the apple of your cheeks with the highlighted part of the hand (in the picture) with light pressure slide the cupped hand outward along your cheekbones.

Repeat this movement 3 -5 times.


This is 3 movements that will help soften lines while depuffing and refreshing. the skin appearance around the eyes.

With light pressure, place index and middle fingers the bottom outer edge of your eyes, gently slide the fingers toward the front corner of your eyes and up toward brow bone, pause there for a second.

Then continue to slide along your brow bone (just right under the brows) with medium pressure to temples.

Lift the fingers to place in the front of your eyes once more and slide them to meet where you left off at the temples.

Repeat this movement 5 times.


With one hand gently pull up your forehead at the hairline, place index and middle fingers of the opposite hand between your eyebrows, over your eyebrow furrow lines, with more pressure, press into the skin and start moving the fingers left and right over the lines to release the tightness in the muscle and start bringing blood and oxygen to the surface for a boost of collagen and softening of the lines.

Repeat this movement 6-7 times.


Place index and middle fingers at the beginning of eyebrows, with medium pressure start to slide along the eyebrows to the temples.

Repeat this movements 3 – 5 times.


Place the index and middle fingers of both hands on the left or the right side of your forehead (around your temple area)

With deep pressure, slide the fingers from one hand upward toward the top of hairline and follow by another in the same spot.

Then move the side and repeat.

Repeat the movement for the entire forehead for 5-7 times, this will help lift and soften the forehead furrow lines.


Cup your mouth and nose as if you are calling out to someone.

Using your pointer fingers with slightly light to medium pressure slide your hands outward and upwards, gradually flattening your hands to evenly distribute pressure lifting the entire cheek area toward your hairline and hold there for a couple of seconds.

Repeat this finishing movement 5 – 7 times.

Products we recommend using this massage technique

1. Start your massage by warming 1 -2 pumps of Twilight BeCalm Serum in your hands.

2. Gently press serum onto face, neck and chest and begin lifting massage.

3. For synergistic benefits and increased performance, we recommend using Twilight with SEAS. This will provide additional healing benefits and improve spread-ability.

1. Use 1 apple seed size amount of SEAS.

2. Gently press balm onto face, neck and chest and begin lift massage.

3. For synergistic benefits and increased performance, we recommend using SEAS with Twilight. This will provide additional healing benefits and improve spread-ability.

Mindful facelift massage love story

My mother, who is in her late 60’s, continues to practice this ritual daily. No matter how hard or busy the day gets, she never misses her exercise, supplements, water intake and daily beauty rituals and that includes this lifting massage technique.

“Aging is a part of a life process. No one can avoid it, but feeling your best as you age is a choice you can make for yourself” This was taught to me by my Yai (means grandmother in Thai).

Watching the women that came before me, the fundamentals were clear – the way we feel is more significant than our age in years.

I admit there are times when I have gotten wrapped up in my life and lost my way, resulting in a lack of self-connection which leads to noise, loss of focus and a dimming of the fire within.

The time and space I create for myself is my refuge. It is my way to lean inward. A reminder to reconnect with my own body, to listen to my instincts and appreciate and embrace all that I am.

You deserve whatever it takes to fulfill and connect with your inner soul to keep the fire lit. Who you are and how you want to live is entirely in your hands.

“always hold your own body with the love it deserves – unconditionally.”