SEAS Elements Beauty Balm

Antioxidant boost & Skin barrier protecting balm

23 reviews



Indulge in your inner fountain of youth. A moisture sealant for parched skin.

SEAS Elements is a concentrated moisturizer that protects the skin barrier, prevents moisture loss, reactivates skin elasticity, boosts collagen synthesis and regenerates skin cells to create a natural glow.

A rich source of tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, the most skin-penetrable form of Vitamin C to restore brightness and balance skin tone, while Bakuchiol, Yananag, Gotu kola work synergistically with vitamin C to regenerate cells and defense against UV damage, free radicals and collagen breakdowns.

SEAS elements Beauty balm is a firmer textured balm that luxuriously softens by the heat of your fingertips transforming into a fast absorbent fluid that your skin will relish for its nutrients and protection. SEAS is a skin therapy treatment for all skin types; especially eczema, rosacea, dry, mature, inflamed and sensitive skin.

SCENT EXPERIENCE : A green, forest like color balm intertwined with the sweet nostalgic scent of jasmine flower and the herbaceous scent of blue tansy.

Star Ingredients

Complete Ingredients List

Blue Tansy


Lakoocha heartwood

Vitamin C Ester (Oil Soluble)

Blue Tansy

Ultimate redness and irritation soother.


Loaded with phenolic compounds to provide skin with an abundance of antioxidants, preserving youth.

Lakoocha heartwood

Inhibits tyrosinase activity, brightens skin and lightens dark spots. The heartwood extract of Lakoocha contains concentrated oxyresveratrol, an effective and economical skin lightening agent.

Vitamin C Ester (Oil Soluble)

The most stable, penetrable form of vitamin C to brighten and repair cells whilst acting as your first line of defense against UV damage and free radicals.

Kokum Butter** (youth preserving powerhouse), Mowrah Butter** (prevents drying and hinders wrinkle development), Hemp Seed Oil* (regulates oil production), Safflower Oil* (reduces redness, softens and hydrates flaky skin), Lakoocha Heartwood Extract** (inhibits tyrosinase production to help brighten the skin), Licorice Extract** (soothes irritation and heals troubled skin), Yanang ** (preserves youthful skin), Ran Jued Extract (detoxifies skin), Gotu Kola* (anti-inflammatory and moisturizing agent), Zingiber cassumunar. roxb (Plai) extract** (release heat from the skin and soothe the swelling), Roman Chamomile Extract* (soothes redness and itchiness), Hibiscus Roselle Extract* (anti-aging, increases elasticity, firms and gently exfoliates), Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (Most skin-compatible vitamin C for antioxidant, treating fine lines and brightening), Rosehip Seed CO2 Extract* (promotes wound healing and improves scarring), Pumpkin Seed Oil* (relieves inflammation and reduces scarring), Pracaxi Oil** (effective scar and wound treatment), Tamanu Oil*(heals wounds and promotes natural collagen production), Mango Butter* (hydrating and healing protectant), Bakuchiol (botanical retinol, treats acne and reverses premature aging), Blue Tansy Oil* (relieves redness and irritation), Royal Jasmine Absolute*(anti-fungal that speeds up wound healing), Rose Otto Oil* (antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory), Immortelle Oil* (decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles), Ravensara Oil* (further delivers actives), Bulgarian Rose Absolute* (evens skin tone and reduces sun damage), Neroli Oil* (stimulates cell regeneration), Myrrh Oil* (reverses signs of aging), Frankincense Oil** (anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory), Lavender Oil* (reduces pain and inflammation).  
  • * Organic
  • ** Sustainably Wildcrafted




While skin is wet from Yen toner or previous step, gather a rice grain size amount of SEAS into fingertips. Activate and melt the balm with the palms of your hands.


Cup the hands over your nose, take a moment to breathe and let the aroma soothe your senses.


Gently massage into skin, lifting and sculpting your natural bone structure using your fingertips and palms of your hand or a Gua Sha tool.


Follow the lift massage to stimulate blood flow, increase absorption and sculpt the facial muscle to firm and plump your skin.

Complete your ritual and follow with Yen Heal and Hydrate Toner
We recommend using the Mindful Facelift Massage Technique when using the SEAS Elements Beauty Balm
Love Story

Seas Elements is a salvation for those with a dry or impaired skin barrier. I originally created this to help one of my closest life-long friends who has dealt with dry skin, on and off eczema and skin barrier dysfunction issues. Throughout the formulating process, each ingredient was researched for its fatty acid profile and healing ability. I reached for a balanced concentration to provide great protection for dry skin, retaining hydration to expedite cell repair while maintaining healing for those with acne prone skin without causing congestion or overwhelming oilier skin. This is the unyielding principal of this formula.

Seas Elements has a firmer texture and “drier” butter with just enough occlusive (fatty acid high in omega-9) to hug the surface of your skin to prevent moisture loss and plenty of non-occlusive (lighter omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids) to penetrate deeper, carrying potent actives such as bakuchiol, vitamin C ester and botanical infusion deep to cells to repair and moisturize from the inside out.

Seas Elements Beauty Balm is a ritualistic product for me. I apply a generous amount of Seas Elements at night time. I take a moment to breathe deeply, feeling my fingers gently massaging my skin, judgement is absent, and I allow the nostalgic scent of this gorgeous balm to soothe me as I perform a l lift massage technique from our page or Gua Sha.

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What our customers say...

23 reviews
23 reviews for SEAS Elements Beauty Balm
  1. Sinziana

    “I just purchased a full size of your Elements Beauty Balm from Aurora Beauty after receiving a sample of it. It’s the only balm I ever want to use now! I have pretty nice and balanced skin as it is (no acne) so it takes a lot for a product to “wow” me. I use just a tiny amount of your balm at night and I kid you not, my skin looks plump, hydrated, even (no redness) and most of all, my pores around my nose look less noticeable. This is one of the few balms I’ve used that doesn’t clog my pores as I’m prone to blackheads. I just want to spread the love and share with you how happy I am to be using this product.” – Lauren

  2. Sinziana

    “The balm got to me in perfect condition and I’m LOVING it. So gorgeous and I’m seeing a real difference in my skin. Thank you so much!” – Lola

  3. Sinziana

    “That balm is my all-time favorite. Your brand just save my skin. Even if I try something else, I always come back to those perfect products.” – Camille

  4. Sinziana

    “I’ve had so many empties of this jar, so good & effective Supadra.” – Holly

  5. Sinziana

    “SEAS Elements Balm is one of my favorite beauty products!” – Svetlana

  6. Sinziana

    “Siam SEAS Elements Beauty Balm…I’m definitely purchasing the full size. Love everything about it.” – Shannon

  7. Sinziana

    “This is my holy grail! It saves me in long haul flights!” – Grace

  8. Sinziana

    “My favorite beauty product. I love everything about it.” – Diana

  9. Sinziana

    “I have several favourite balms, but SEAS Elements is the best smelling balm ever.” – Elena

  10. Sinziana

    “It has to be one of those products I always have to have in my stash… Made entirely with the most potent botanicals promising to boost collagen, to brighten and to heal inflamed skin. And it does it all.” – Diana

  11. Sinziana

    “The Elements Balm is simply gorgeous and I am currently working through a full size so I will likely gift the deluxe trial size to my mom. The jasmine scent is so relaxing and the texture is easily absorbed, leaving a satin glow.” – Jen

  12. Sinziana

    “This is a perfect balm for sensitive reactive skin. The smell is nice and herbal and not cloyingly floral like some other balms. It sinks right in and the results are quick. Calms down my redness and soothes any dry patches.” – Kimberly R.

  13. Sinziana

    “I bought this after trying the Yen toner from the same brand in a monthly box. I have always wanted to try balms, but thought they would aggravate my oily, congestion and spot-prone skin. I use it after applying the Yen toner and you only need a tiny bit. It is a balm that melts in contact with the skin and a sinks in quickly. It’s light but comforting and I use it at night to calm any irritation. It’s a staple for me and even though it’s pricy it will last ages and is what I come back to whenever my skin is acting up from trying new makeup or that time of the month. Can’t recommend it enough.” – Marissa M.

  14. Sinziana

    “This balm is an exquisite luxury. Probably my favorite of all time. It mixes really well with Yen toner or Twilight serum to make it a little lighter and creamier. The scent is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t feel like I need it every day, but my skin always thanks me when I use it.” – Sonia R.

  15. Sinziana

    “My favorite balm I’ve ever used! Leaves skin dewy and plump. Just be careful if you have acneic skin to use sparingly to avoid breakouts! I have sensitive cystic skin and I found that it works great to massage into skin when I’m doing a facial steam or a sauna but it’s a tad too rich for my day to day moisture. It’s close to a moisture mask now that I think about it! Great product with a wealth of applications! I’ll always want some around now that I know of it!” – Elizabeth K.

  16. Sinziana

    “Nice earthy relaxing scent, lightweight, but still hydrating enough for my sensitive, acne prone, mature skin. I alternate this one in the evening with Blue Cocoon. The jar should last quite some time, less than a pea-size is sufficient.” – Gail T.

  17. Sinziana

    “I’ve tried quite a few natural/organic skin balms in my day. Like, way too many..I used to product test for brands & myself years ago so I’m always on the hunt for the best natural skincare out there. In my opinion, the serum & balm from Siam Seas are their very best products (I haven’t tried the hair care). I was literally scraping every last bit of balm out of this jar when it when out. It’s THAT good! It is quite possibly the BEST face balm I’ve ever used. My skin has been getting increasingly dry with age (I’m 41) and it is a balancing act to find something both super hydrating and something that won’t cause breakouts but actually calm/heal them. This is the stuff that will do both, it smells fabulous (I might be addicted to this scent). I could go on & on but I will just say I love this stuff, it will last at least 3-4 months (you only need a little bit over toner). I use this only at night (with their serum if super dry). I’m purchasing my second jar now. Just wish they had sample sizes because this is a big splurge for a lot people to not know if it will work for them first.” – Stancie W.

  18. Sinziana

    “Keeps skin soft and is very healing!! I initially did not know how to use balms and oils when I first started using green beauty products a year ago and caused myself acne by overusing oils and by not properly hydrating my skin with humectants. However I found solutions in the same green beauty and learned about linoleic oils, hydration, humectants.. etc. It’s important to use this balm top of humectant and hydrating toner to seal the moisture for acne prone, dehydrated skins. And the smallest quantity is just needed. It keeps the skin soft and lightens post hyperpigmentation.. again the smallest amount is just needed:) and Yen is a great toner to go with this balm!” – Bhavani

  19. Sinziana

    “I have been using this product for 3 months. The first night I wore it to bed I was hesitant because before finding Aurora and Siam Seas I would never even think of wearing a balm to bed. (I am 37 and had (yes, HAD as they are gone now) multiple old and new red and inflamed acne and scars on my jaw line from years of hormonal breakouts.) Please believe me when I tell you that even after just one night of wearing this miracle balm I woke up to a glowy even toned face. The redness was gone and my face looked so calm and happy. It’s truly hard to explain. My Skin has calmed down so much since using this and even still if a pimple seems to be wanting to pop out the balm nearly eliminates it in one day. I wish I could somehow post a before and after pic on here bc this product has changed my life and skin. I get compliments on my skin all the time and that has NEVER happened to me before. This is a must have for every woman’s (and man’s) medicine cabinet. I don’t know how Supadra did it but what she created with this product and her product line just blows my mind. This is the first review I have ever don’t on any product in my entire 37 years on this planet. Buy this product and heal your skin.” – Ricki J.

  20. Sinziana

    “Luxurious face balm. From the moment I put this balm on my face, I knew I was a fan! My face feels restored and hydrated as though I came out of spa facial treatments! I have recommended this product to few of my friends and they love it as well! Follow the use directions for more effectiveness.” – Tina K.

  21. Sinziana

    “This is sincerely the best facial balm I have ever used. So healing, soothing, brightening, purifying, hydrating and smells beautiful. I love how it absorbs into my skin. It works wonders for my oily, acne skin. I can’t be without this one.” – Mia

  22. Sinziana

    “I had been wanting to try this balm for a long time and when I saw Natural Beauty Collection had brought Siam Seas to Australia I immediately purchased the sample pack. I then ordered the full size of this magnificent balm! It smells amazing with very different ingredients from my other green beauty favourites. I feel I can wear this even on days when my skin is flaring as it feels very comforting and absorbs so well.” – Irina

  23. Amy Day

    This balm has been a saving grace for my skin. Since I took Accutane for a few months in my younger years, my skin is always on the dry side. At first I used this balm daily for a year, and my face got softer and more supple by the day. Now that I use Bua, the toner and Morning Delight, I find myself only needing the balm every 2 or 3 nights. I can’t begin to express how much healthier my skin is now. The best part is that I don’t have to worry about anything toxic. It’s so natural and soothing, and I’m absolutely in love!