MEKHA Exfoliating Cleanser 2.0 (without exfoliating beads)

An enzyme exfoliator for all skin types

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“Melt away the inactive layers and nestle in with your newly uncovered, fresh skin.”

Mekha Exfoliating Cleanser presents two variations. 

The Mekha 2.0 ( this product page) does not contain any manual exfoliating beads, but instead possesses a higher concentration of enzymes. It is specifically designed for those who are experiencing active breakouts or have sensitivity towards physical exfoliation.

The Original Mekha incorporates manual exfoliating beads made from bamboo stems and jojoba beads, delivering optimal skin smoothing benefits. This version is ideal for individuals with normal to dry and lackluster skin. 

Mekha Exfoliating Cleanser serves as a second cleanse, exfoliator, and mask. The formula effectively eliminates flakiness on the surface and exfoliates the inner lining of your pores with queen bee’s royal jelly, fruit enzymes, and natural salicylic acid to reveal your clear and radiant complexion. 

Mekha 2.0 does not contain any manual exfoliating beads, but instead possesses a higher concentration of enzymes. It is specifically designed for those who are experiencing active breakouts or have sensitivity towards physical exfoliation.

A unique blend of mango butter, plant oils, and propolis-infused raw honey creates a luxurious, moisturizing balm texture while ancient medicinal plants such as Thanaka, Red ginseng, Lemongrass and Turmeric feed the skin with antiseptic, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

Character: A reminiscent of an invigorating culinary aroma from a Southeast Asian kitchen, embodying scents of lemongrass and rosemary.

Texture: Evoking the essence of honey, it imparts a gentle and plush sensation. Its superb spreadability allows it to glide across the skin with the ease of smooth silk.

Results : Get a smoother, softer, and radiant complexion instantly with Mekha. Use it twice a week for noticeable improvements in skin tone and reduced pore visibility within weeks.

Ritual: Mekha serves as a second cleanse in your skincare routine. While it can assist in taking off light makeup, its true effectiveness shines when applied to skin that has already been cleaned

For a normal to dry skin or oily and no sensitivities, apply the cleanser onto wet skin after the initial cleansing step. Gently massage the product onto the skin, allowing the enzymes to work its magic. For optimal results, let it to sit as a mask or use it during a steamy shower.

For a sensitive skin or active breakouts, apply the cleanser onto dry skin after the initial cleansing step. If the skin feels comfortable, you can further activate the enzymes by misting the reservoir and continuing to massage. Leave the cleanser on for 5-10 minutes before gently wiping it off with a warm, damp towel. 

You may experience a tingling sensation as a result of the presence of fruit acids in the product.

Ancient Beauty Knowledge – For centuries, women in Southeast Asia have relied on the synergy powers of herbs like Thanaka, Turmeric, Ginger, and fruit enzymes to combat inflammation and shield their skin from sun damage. Through regular use of Thanaka bark extract, many have observed a noticeable improvement in the tone and texture of their skin.

Modern Beauty Knowledge – Through the process of hydrolysis and neutralization, we have the capability to separate the element found in wintergreen extract oil and obtain salicylic acid. This particular form of natural salicylic acid has been extensively researched and is considered a safer substitute for synthetic salicylic acid.

Star Ingredients

Complete Ingredients List



Papaya Fruit Enzyme

Mango Butter


Helps to protect from sun damage, controls sebum production, smooths skin's surface and accelerates healing keeping skin clear.


Exfoliates and minimizes fine lines.

Papaya Fruit Enzyme

Decongests, exfoliates and generated cell renewal while fading dark spots

Mango Butter

Nourishes and repairs damaged cells.

Honey*** (moisturizes, protects and heals),  Glycerin (hydrates, heals and plumps),  Aloe Vera Inner Fillet Gel (heals, cools and calms inflammation), Witch Hazel Extract* (skin tightening astringent), Mango Butter* (hydrating and healing protectant), Hydroxystearyl Alcohol and Hydroxystearyl Glucoside (100% natural moisturizing emulsifier), Pineapple Fruit Enzymes (exfoliates and minimizes fine lines), Inulin, (a prebiotic, helps to improve skin barrier) Fructose (a prebiotic, helps improve skin barrier), Capuacu Butter* (supports natural collagen production), Di-PPG-2 Myreth-10 Adipate**** (hydrates, brightens and alleviates irritation), Papaya Fruit Enzyme (decongests, exfoliates and brightens dark spots), Wintergreen Leaf Extract* (a natural salicylic acid, cleans the inner lining of pores), Propanediol1,3 (hydrating solubilizer made from corn), Lactobacillus ferment & Lactobacillus & Coconut Fruit Extract (natural preservatives, protecting formula from bacteria, yeast and mold),  Turmeric Extract* (healing anti-inflammatory), White Turmeric Extract* (heals wounds and infection), Thanaka Extract* (protects from sun damage and controls oil production), Ivy Gourd Extract* (heals and reduces swelling), Ginger Extract* (heals and stimulates circulation), Red Ginseng Extract* (healing anti-inflammatory), Green tea Extract* (prevents premature aging), Hibiscus Roselle Extract* (anti-aging, increases elasticity, firms and gently exfoliates), Schisandra Fruit CO2 Extract* (antioxidant and anti-aging), Vitamin E (free radical scavenger), Cetearyl alcohol (emulsifier), Grape Seed Oil* (improves texture and signs of aging), High Linoleic Fatty Acid Sunflower Oil* (nourishes and reduces fine lines), Olive Oil* (heals infection, severe dryness and acne), Avocado Oil* (increases natural collagen production and moisture), Castor Oil* (anti-inflammatory, acne fighter), Xanthan Gum (emulsifier that smooths the skin), Lemongrass Oil* (tightening astringent), Rosemary Oil* (decongests pores and controls oil production), Sweet Orange Oil* (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, skin lightening), Grapefruit Oil* (brightens and smooths), Potassium Sorbate (extends product freshness by protecting the formula), Geranium Rose Oil* (balances oil, refines pores and controls acne),  Frankincense Oil** (anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory), Lemon Oil* (decongests and reduces oil).
  • * Organic
  • ** Sustainably Wildcrafted
  • *** Bees Are Unharmed and Drink From Organic Wildflowers
  • **** Gentle and Emollient Surfactant




Gather a dollop of MEKHA in fingertips.


In circular motions, start massaging the balm into wet skin.


For normal, oily or acne-prone skin, gently massage MEKHA on wet skin allowing the exfoliator to manually removes the top layers of the skin. For sensitive or dry skin, MEKHA can be left on as a mask with no manual exfoliation to gently shed the top layer.


To support the exfoliation process, put on a warm towel on skin before rinsing thoroughly with warm water.

Complete your ritual and follow with Yen Heal & Hydrate Essence Toner
We recommend using the Mindful Drainage Massage Technique when using MEKHA Exfoliating Cleanser
Love Story

The distinction between Mekha roginal and Mekha 2.0 lies in the absence of manual exfoliating beads in the latter. However, Mekha 2.0 contains potent AHA acids derived from Papaya and Pineapple enzymes, as well as natural salicylic acid from Wintergreen extract. Despite the lack of physical exfoliation, the exfoliating activity of Mekha 2.0 is still adjustable. When applied to wet skin, the enzymes are activated more effectively. Alternatively, for those with sensitive skin, applying it to dry skin is recommended. Allowing Mekha 2.0 to remain on the skin for a longer duration enables the enzymes to penetrate deeper. It is normal to experience a flush, temporary redness, and tingling sensation, which should subside within a few minutes.

Regular skin exfoliation is crucial for maintaining clarity in my acne-prone skin. The build-up and occasional imbalance of sebum production can lead to clogged pores and subsequent breakouts. Through my personal journey to heal my skin, I have discovered that consistent exfoliation helps prevent oil blockages and the formation of pimples. The key is finding a balance that suits your skin, which often begins with starting small. I initially incorporate exfoliation once a week and gradually increase frequency based on my skin’s response.

As part of my skincare routine, I use Mekha 2.0 as a secondary cleanser and exfoliant three times a week. On these days, I leave Mekha on my skin for a little while before rinsing it off, allowing its powerful ingredients to work their magic.

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1 review for MEKHA Exfoliating Cleanser 2.0 (without exfoliating beads)
  1. Nicole

    The MEKHA 2.0 is my favorite product by far. Its amazing effects have greatly improved the texture and complexion of my skin. I have always struggled with small, but noticeable, blackheads around my nose and chin, they were gone within days of use. This is the best my skin has looked in years. I’m truly grateful for these amazing products, I will be a life time customer!