Dry & Mature Skin Set

For dry skin, lacking in glow and oily on the surface


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For skin that is dry, lacking in glow, and oily on the surface but parched beneath, this regimen is tailored to elevate your skin’s hydration levels and uphold it all day long. Its purpose is to shield the skin from becoming flaky, losing its radiance, and feeling taut. It aims to fortify your skin’s barrier and infuse your skin cells with moisture. Expert advice: avoiding extended exposure to water on your skin will be your initial move towards restoring moisture retention. 

Experience: The secret lies in regularly using and engaging with your skin. Take the opportunity to fully enjoy the sensory experience that each product provides, both mentally and physically. By consistently integrating these three skincare essentials into your daily routine, Mekha will prepare your skin, Yen will envelop you in moisturizing droplets, and Seas Element Beauty Balm will act as a protective shield against environmental stressors.

Result: Noticeably reduced irritation, diminished tightness, and gradual improvements in the softness of your skin. 

Ritual: The chosen trio (exfoliate-moisturize-protect) will assist your skin in shedding its outermost layers, allowing it to absorb the hydrating properties of The Yen Heal & Hydrate. It then locks in the moisture with the reparative functions of botanical vitamin A and Skin-compatible vitamin C-infused Seas Element Beauty Balm. With regular use, your skin will continuously reap the benefits of hydration. Next in line to enhance your skincare routine are The Reservoir to strengthen your skin barrier and The Sai Clear Skin Serum, followed by The Guardian and Morning Delight Cleanser.

Star Ingredients

Complete Ingredients List

Aspen Bark


Terminalia Chebula

Areca catechu (Betel) extract

Blue Tansy


Aspen Bark

A microbial preservative with natural salicylates to help control acne and minimize pore appearance.


Helps to protect from sun damage, controls sebum production, smooths skin's surface and accelerates healing keeping skin clear.

Terminalia Chebula

Terminalia Chebula is one of the most prized fruits due to its high levels of vitamin C.

Dense antioxidant to minimize fine lines, firms and brightens skin texture and overall preserve skin's youth due to its high Vitamin C content (stronger than Vitamin C when in synergy with other plants in our formula). anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

In an 8- week study, the Terminalia Chebula extract proved its ability to reverse the visible signs of environmental pollution-induced skin damage. This powerful antioxidant can reduce inflammation and may strengthen full-thickness skin architecture for the treatment of skin aging, chronic wounds, evening skin tone, smoothing roughness and giving the look of firmer and brighter skin.

It has been long used beauty secret in Southeast Asia where the fruit is collected, light dried and ground into powder. The women use it to wash/exfoliate/mask their skin to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and improve skin clarity.

Terminalia Chebula extract is in Yen Heal & Hydrate Toner, Sai Clear Skin Serum, The Skin Revolution Mask and Kwam Rak The Radiance of Love Skin Serum

Areca catechu (Betel) extract

Areca catechu is a species of palm believed to have originated in the Philippines and today it can be found in tropical Asia, the pacific and east Africa. Areca Catechu (betel) plant is also called “Maak” in Thai culture. The betel nut, which contains phenolics and alkaloids, has long been used for chewing by the elderly as it is believed to release adrenaline and the feeling of euphoria. Though less so today, the plant has played a big role in Thai tradition and culture. For example: - Areca Catechu leaves are used to decorate tray offerings in ceremonies in which students demonstrate their respect and gratitude for their teachers - From a religious perspective, the Areca Catechu tree is offered as a place for place for roaming spirits to inhabit or possess. It is also used in the wedding ceremonies in which the groom will offer the betel leaf and nut to the parents of the bride upon his arrival to the wedding. Medicinally, Areca Catechu has been widely used in clinical practice in China, India and other Southeast Asian Countries for antiparasitic, anti-depressive, anti-fatigue, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal effects. A study found this medicinal plant to help preserve collagen and elastin fibers against the degradation by hydrolytic enzymes. In a cream containing 3% of Areca catechu, the result shows an increase in skin elasticity. Another study shows the extract at concentration of 4% can stimulate collagen synthesis by 140%. The leaf extract is used as an active ingredient in Yen Heal & Hydrate to promote stimulation of collagen syntheisis.

Blue Tansy

Ultimate redness and irritation soother.


Loaded with phenolic compounds to provide skin with an abundance of antioxidants, preserving youth.

Please visit the individual product pages to learn more about each product's ingredients. This skincare set contains the following products:

MEKHA Exfoliating Cleanser

Yen Heal & Hydrate Essence Toner

SEAS Elements Beauty Balm



Recommended Ritual (7 steps)

1. Morning Delight Cleanser

Utilize 2x daily – morning and evening. Apply 2-3 pumps during your AM routine and 5-7 pumps for PM use, especially if you need to clear off sunscreen or cosmetics. Gently massage it in and opt for wiping off with a soft cloth, skipping water rinse-off to facilitate a speedy skin barrier recovery.

2.MEKHA Exfoliating Cleanser

Begin with 3x weekly, evening regimen, eventually reducing it to 1-2x per week. Apply a dime-sized amount of Mekha onto dry skin and moisten your fingers, allowing for a deeper physical exfoliation. Let it sit on damp skin (opt for toner rather than water) as a mask for about 10 minutes to enhance the exfoliation process. Afterwards, remove with a soft cloth or cleanse with cool water.

3.Yen Heal and Hydrate Toner Essence:

Use twice daily, during morning and evening, to recalibrate your skin’s PH levels. Immediately following cleansing, apply 2-3 pumps of The Yen Heal & Hydrate Essence for profound hydration and light moisturization, while calming surface skin irritation.

4.The Guardian – Mother of All Serums

Use 1-2 pumps each morning and evening. Inhale deeply as you gently massage it into your skin.

5.Sai Clear Skin Serum

Use Sai Clear Skin Serum twice daily, morning and night. Apply 2 pumps on damp skin after using The Yen Heal & Hydrate Essence. Massage gently into skin and allow it to absorb fully. Stickiness will fade within minutes. Sai Clear Skin Serum is your powerful ally in combating fine lines caused by dry, dehydrated skin.

6.The Reservoir Skin Fortifying Mist

Spray 2x morning and night before moisturizer. Mist 3-6 times. Can also be used over makeup or sunscreen for extra hydration and a dewy glow. Perfect for a refreshing boost on bare skin first thing in the morning or during workouts.

7.The Seas Element Beauty Balm: 

2x a day, in the morning and at night, use a small amount, about the size of an apple seed of the balm. Apply it on damp skin after using the Reservoir. Adjust the amount based on the weather conditions – use more in cold and dry air, and less in warmer and humid weather. Remember to massage it well into your skin.