Acne-Prone Skin Set

The routine your skin needs to heal from inflammation and breakouts effectively


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This routine aims to assist your skin in achieving a balanced desquamation process, enhance its defense mechanisms by improving the skin microbiome balance, and supply the nutrients needed for your skin to effectively heal from inflammation and breakouts.

Experience: The opulent collection is created to offer relief and accelerate the skin’s healing journey, while also reducing the concentration of melanin tyrosinase to tackle hyperpigmentation after skin trauma. This all-encompassing skincare regimen is specifically crafted to reduce current breakouts and avert new ones. Its goal is to envelop you in comfort and the transformative power of healing, whether you’re facing an active breakout or managing its lingering effects.

Result: clearer skin, with discomfort, eased and soothed, showing a marked reduction in breakouts, redness, and scars.

Ritual: This set is nearly a complete ritual, except for Mekha 2.0 and Yen Heal & Hydrate. With regular use, you’ll notice clearer skin and quicker recovery times. As your complexion improves, begin incorporating Mekha 2.0 as a mask and exfoliator on nights you’re not using the Skin Revolution mask to ease pore congestion, then follow with Yen Heal & Hydrate, particularly during the colder months. 

Star Ingredients

Complete Ingredients List


Terminalia Chebula

Colloidal Copper

Vitamin C Ester (Water Soluble)

Lakoocha heartwood

Black Cumin Seed


Anti-inflammatory agent with exceptional healing powers reducing inflammation and healing lesions. A potent antibacterial great for fighting acne while simultaneously improving skin's elasticity.

Terminalia Chebula

Terminalia Chebula is one of the most prized fruits due to its high levels of vitamin C.

Dense antioxidant to minimize fine lines, firms and brightens skin texture and overall preserve skin's youth due to its high Vitamin C content (stronger than Vitamin C when in synergy with other plants in our formula). anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

In an 8- week study, the Terminalia Chebula extract proved its ability to reverse the visible signs of environmental pollution-induced skin damage. This powerful antioxidant can reduce inflammation and may strengthen full-thickness skin architecture for the treatment of skin aging, chronic wounds, evening skin tone, smoothing roughness and giving the look of firmer and brighter skin.

It has been long used beauty secret in Southeast Asia where the fruit is collected, light dried and ground into powder. The women use it to wash/exfoliate/mask their skin to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and improve skin clarity.

Terminalia Chebula extract is in Yen Heal & Hydrate Toner, Sai Clear Skin Serum, The Skin Revolution Mask and Kwam Rak The Radiance of Love Skin Serum

Colloidal Copper

As the skin ages, the reduction of elastin and collagen production also occurs. When applied one of the nine minerals that plays an important role in human’s body. When copper is applied directly on the skin at the correct molecule size, it can help stimulate reproduction of cells for faster wound healing, upregulate all 3 types of collagens and elastin fiber component for fuller and plumper skin appearance. Copper also serves as a powerful antioxidant to helps skin inhibits oxidative effects which helps slowing down the degradation of cells to help keep it youthful longer. Colloidal Copper is in the Reservoir Prebiotic Mist.

Vitamin C Ester (Water Soluble)

A more stable form of vitamin C, rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. Vitamin C Ester improves skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Lakoocha heartwood

Inhibits tyrosinase activity, brightens skin and lightens dark spots. The heartwood extract of Lakoocha contains concentrated oxyresveratrol, an effective and economical skin lightening agent.

Black Cumin Seed

Detoxifies pores and fights acne.

Please visit the individual product pages to learn more about each product's ingredients. This skincare set contains the following products:

Morning Delight Cleanser

The Skin Revolution Mask

Reservoir Prebiotic Skin Fortifying Mist

Sai Clear Skin Serum

Bua Sacred Protection Face Cream

Twilight BeCalm Skin Serum



Recommended Ritual (8 steps)

1. Morning Delight Cleanser

Use 2-3 pumps in the morning and 5-7 pumps to remove sunscreen or makeup at night. Massage thoroughly and rinse with warm water. For a deeper cleansing, consider leaving it on during your morning shower.

2.Mekha 2.0:

Begin by using it three times per week. After two weeks, reduce to once or twice weekly. Apply to wet or damp skin, leave for 5-10 minutes, or use it during a shower and rinse off at the end. 

3.The Skin Revolution Powder Mask

Use this treatment once or twice a week to draw out congestion, impurities, and excess oil from your pores. It’s an ideal option for days when you’re not using the Mekha Exfoliating Cleanser 2.0. To use, combine the mask with hot water and let it sit for five minutes. Apply a generous layer of the mask to your skin. As it begins to dry, you can either rinse it off or spritz with water to extend the masking session for up to an hour.

4.The Reservoir Skin Fortifying Mist

Using it twice daily, morning and night, immediately after cleansing or using a mask is beneficial. To enhance hydration and achieve a radiant glow, you can spritz it over makeup or sunscreen as needed throughout the day. It’s an excellent refresher on bare skin first thing in the morning or post-workout at the gym. 

5.The Guardian – Mother of All Serums

When your skin is damp, dispense 2-3 pumps of the Guardian onto the affected area, focusing particularly on sensitive spots. If the skin is tender and fragile, gently pat the product in. Alternatively, if your skin can handle it, softly massage it in.

6.Sai Clear Skin Serum

Apply twice daily, morning and evening, while your skin is still damp from The Reservoir. Gently massage until fully absorbed. Sai is your secret weapon against premature aging and assists in controlling congestion and acne.

7.The Bua Sacred Protection Peptide Cream:

Twice daily, morning and evening. Use 1-2 pumps. Gently massage onto face and neck until fully absorbed. For enhanced results, consider using the Reservoir mist prior to applying the Bua cream.

8.The Twilight Becalm Serum:

Use it once or twice daily, adjusting based on the season and your skin’s needs. In Summer and Spring, apply it at night; during Winter, use it both morning and night. Rich in linoleic fatty acids and potent antioxidants, this product will hydrate and support your skin’s natural oil production.