Siam SEAS is my desire to take you on a journey of my home and my healing tradition


The skin

Having grown up in Thailand, submerged in a culture founded upon herbs and minerals to heal, Supadra witnessed the effectiveness of plant magic at a young age.

Supadra was creating formulas long before the idea of Siam SEAS was born. For years, she battled chronic inflammation and autoimmune issues without recognizing it. It wasn’t until she reconnected with her roots and practice her ancestor’s way of healing and wisdoms through indigenous plants that she started to understand and grasp at the profound power of indigenous plant synergies and (the vitality of physical and mental healing connection or the interconnection of physical and mental healing – don’t know which sounds better)

“Through the brand, I want to share the magic of eastern medicine — centuries old of magical healing, ancient wisdom, and the indigenous plant powers I have lived with since a child”

She harnessed the potency of these ancient botanicals in her products and combined them synergistically to raise efficacy, and with modern research-backed actives, to create unparalleled formulas — holding within it centuries of ancient wisdom.

The plants are the magic that have not yet been shared with the western world and it is Supadra’s wish to introduce their powers along with her culture and traditions from the scent to texture, all have significance and place .

“I want you to experience a gourmet Thai kitchen through MEKHA Exfoliating Cleanser. I want to unplug you from a busy city and bring you to the center of calming temple when you use Sai Clear Skin Serum. I am creating a travel in a bottle for you to experience our way of healing, in hopes that you can create a safe space to connect your mind and body.”

Experiencing a piece of culture from a place through somebody who has grown up in that place, immersed in the culture and traditions, is a uniquely enriching experience. Through them, you have access to the most authentic understanding of that culture you wouldn’t have otherwise.

The Mind

It is Supadra’s mission to uplift and inspire through Siam SEAS, creating a healthy foundation for your well-being and glowing skin. Your beauty ritual is a ceremony of your individuality — heal your skin, enrich your mind and feed your soul.

“What you think of yourself matters. Feeling beautiful is so energizing when it comes directly from your inner self.”

It wasn’t until Supadra’s profound understanding the importance of interconnection between internal and external healing that Siam SEAS was created and shared with you all.

“I was never confident enough, it didn’t matter if my skin was improving or not. I was always hiding my skin because of my insecurities.”

When Supadra began to heal her mind, reconnecting with her values that she was raised upon, she felt an internal shift in the way she perceived herself physically. Over time, the daily skincare routine turns into a daily practice of caring and connecting with herself, the absence of judgement and being present gradually changed her energy.

“I no longer worry about how others see my skin, but focus on how I see myself.”

The internal energy of beauty goes beyond physical beauty — and that is the message she continues to send through Siam SEAS.

“Hold the space and time for your healing sacred. Becoming acceptant and comfortable with who you are takes a steady connection to yourself”

The impact and influence that self-love can have will radiate through you and be infectious to those around you. It all goes back to the mystical practices of her culture — connecting your mind and body.