Every bottle is a promise of commitment of love, freshness and efficacy


Our Process

Each ingredient has a story — the place of harvest, the process of extraction and the way it is being used in a formula.
We stay true and intentional, every product made fresh with love, carefully by hand to capture generations of Southeast Asian tradition.
We emphasize that we are not white-labeling products, but formulating them from scratch and creating them from the ground up. Plants to bottle is the freshness we provide, always.
Our commitment to you is to provide you with the freshest healing potions the way our ancestors would. The time, labor and patience that goes into harvesting the seed, drying then pressing to obtain fresh oils , the indigenous plants synergies and plant infusion that are done in house, in small batches from fresh ingredients to preserve the integrity and vital nutrient of the plants.
Compromising is non negotiable in our company. Integrity is carved into our hearts an instilled in each bottle we fill by hand and pridefully stamp with our name so you can feel confident that the people of this process are truly taken care of.


We use special glass packaging to prolong the life of our products and pack our shipments with recycled materials to remain conscious of our Mother Earth.
We are committed to giving back and sourcing the highest quality safe, nutrient rich ingredients that are kind to Mother Earth. We pay full price for our ingredients — you can feel their potency and the creating hands behind the magic.
Our time-honored recipes contain plant vibrancy, backed by synergy and science. These ancient healers paired with modern day discoveries increase the potency of our plants, working harmoniously to create transformational skincare. 
Above all, our first priority for our ingredients is safety, which is why some of our products remain seasonal or limited edition. Until we can responsibly and sustainably source the highest quality ingredients year-round, it is important to us that we take care of our Mother Earth.

More Than Skincare

We promise to provide holistic healing to enhance your natural skin and hair function while supporting your overall well-being.
Siam SEAS is rich in Southeast Asian culture — our scents and textures are inspired by ancient wisdom and healing. When we uphold our process, preserving nature every step of the way, it allows us to ensure you receive the maximum benefits from our products. We strive to unplug you from a busy world, to transform your mindless routine into a sacred time for intentional healing.
We are more than just skincare. We want to be your source of knowledge and inspiration to heal holistically. We are here for you if you need guidance or would like to dive deeper into natural healing and wellness, whether it be to de-stress, improve your diet, exercise or overall well-being.