Prebiotic is food for your microbiome, a sugar extracted from Chicory plant in a very  specific molecule to feed only the beneficial microbiome on your skin.

It improves skin health by multiplying the skin microbiota, optimizing and restoring the balance of the microbiota of the skin, enhancing the skins natural defense barrier, calms skin flareups and supports the strengthening of the skin barrier for overall health of skin.

The short chain prebiotic are smaller sugar molecules that allow your skin microbiome to effectively feed, quickly increasing the activity and growth of the beneficial microbiota in the skin. Short chain prebiotic is best for rinse-off formulas and the result is immediate however they do not last as long as the short chain prebiotic. Short chain prebiotic is now included in Morning Delight Cleanser, The Skin Revolution Mask and Mekha Exfoliating Cleanser

The long chain prebiotic delivers the food in a slower and more stable form for the beneficial skin bacteria. This means that it will consistently improve the health of the skin barrier, regulate skin’s immune system and enhance the anti-inflammatory effect along with hydration. This type of chain is proven to be therapeutic for skin with atopic diseases. The long chain prebiotic is best in leave on formulas and is now included in Sai Clear skin Serum, Yen Heal and Hydrate TonerTwilight Becalm Serum and Kwam Rak the Radiance of Love Body Serum

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Showing all 2 results