Black Rice


Black Rice Powder and Black Rice Water

High in the anthocyanin, the major antioxidant compound that protects against reactive oxygen that causes premature aging. Increases collagen production, is anti-inflammatory, and prevents photo-aging of the skin.

Additionally, rich in amino acids to maintain hydration and calm inflammation. A powerful antioxidant detoxifies skin and acts as a natural exfoliant.

Dating back centuries in both North and South Asia as a staple ingredient in the culinary and beauty arts, black rice was a forbidden good for the common people as it contains higher nutrition and is harder to grow.  As a result, in the past it was reserved for royalty.  Regardless of the inaccessibility, many of the women in show business have long used rice water (white or brown) to cleanse, tone and mask their hair and skin due to its highly beneficial bioactive compounds such as zinc, iron, iodine, selenium, and most importantly anthocyanin, one of the major antioxidant compounds that protects against the reactive oxygen species that causes cellular damage in the skin.

Black rice extract also contains high levels of various amino acids. Amino acids are our body’s building blocks.  When applied onto the skin directly, they support the skin barrier’s immune system, allowing the barrier to hold the hydration within and become resilient to the environmental aggressors. When the skin barrier is constantly protected and balanced, it allows the cells to repair more quickly and prevent themselves from photoaging.

Rice powder and Rice water are the main ingredients in Sai Clear skin Serum and The Skin Revolution Mask.

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